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​   Cappy The Clown

Entertainment With The Greatest of Ease!

Cappy The Clown 


has been happily entertaining kids of all ages for 25 years. You can see her spreading smiles around

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina;

or anywhere the RV roams!

What's Up!

Tap on Ellie's Red Nose above to open Cappy's Google Calendar of Events!

Face Book: Cappy The Clown

will post latest updates, event links, and details!


Invite Cappy!

*Themed Activities for...

*Camps and Campgrounds!

*Hotels and Resorts!

*Recreation Programs!

*"How To" Classes!

School Programs!

"Just Add Kids" Instant Circus!

*TV Show!

*Birthday Party Packages!​​ 


""Tap  on  Cappy's Crew above  for details""


Wondering Where to Buy...

Face Painting Supplies

Want to be a Twister?

Cappy's Big Red Chair?

To be a Face Paint Artist you need the proper professional products...and here is where you go to  get them.

Cappy's how to video coming soon and I can teach virtually anyone how to Face Paint With The Greatest of Ease !

This is  where you can learn how to Twist Balloons With The Greatest Of Ease!.

Yup...Cappy's  video is so easy to follow even a clown can do it!   Links for all the twistin' supplies you need. Even a photo gallery for YOU to show off your balloon twist art!

Clown Noses

 a kaleidoscope of colors

for holidays , fund raisers, parties,

neighborhood fun, schools, shows!

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